Tuesday 5 April 2011

Tropical Houses | Small Private Pool #3

Unique pool design

 Awesome Tropical Pool

  Awesome Home Pool

modern minimalist home pool design

 modern rectangular private pool

 Modern Tropical Pool

 Outpost pool

Tropical Houses | Small Private Pool #2

Dream Cube House Design
Second Floor and Swimming Pool Ideas, cube house, landscape and privacy grounds. 

Tropical Display House Design
Natural atmosphere, home tropical, Tropical shades, impression of design, Tropical Display House Design, layout, interior, and exterior or facade, tropical forest, running water, quiet home, calm tropical retreat.

Freshness and relaxation 
Swimming pool, small area, drawing a small pool, freshness, relaxation, small pools, creation and care.

Small Pool
Small pool, the pool, large ponds pose, fill and drain the water, ornamental ponds and, small pond, simple design, maximizes the available space.

Limited and narrow space
Simple design, pond, limited and narrow space, small spa, comfort and freshness, small but beautiful , inspiration.

Aesthetics and functionality Pool
Design Idea pool, modern apartment exterior, designs balance, aesthetics and functionality, interior decor, pond design, backyard.

Small elongated pool
Narrow house, swimming pool, small pool, pond, backyard, small elongated, bathrooms, large cushion,  Materials, wood flooring, good quality, strong. 

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Tropical Houses | Small Private Pool #1

Inspiring Beach House
Unique design pool, supporting decoration, beach and tropical atmosphere, living space, inspiring beach house interior, inside space, outdoor space, tropical beach house, decor inspirations.

Private Garden Pool
High stones walls, swimming pool, attractive front living spaces. 

Pool Villa Nai Harn
Well designed pool, cosy retreat, experience the essence, traditional tropical living, contemporary comforts, well designed living, appointed dining, open plan, fully fitted kitchen, pool terrace.

Tranquil private pool villas
Oriental style private pool villas, Asian-fusion interior designs, living space, bedrooms, a swimming pool, kitchen, built-in furniture and lush tropical garden.

 Tropical Outdoor Pool
Tropical house designs, indoor and outdoor decor, combination space, Outdoor swimming pool, house, patio furniture. 

Balinese Private Pool
Balinese essence style design, magnificent tropical garden, private space, amazing swimming pool, bedrooms, villa gardens, private pool and rice fields.